Wide Eyes. Long Nights. Friendly People.
And Drugs Keep Us Happy.

Boring thoughts…

Sometimes I wish you could have seen the lies that were hidden behind my teeth. I wish you could have seen though my smiles and kind words. There is so much left unsaid. There is no third chance, this time its final. You can’t come back again.

Confused Teen Slut

So is it wrong that I miss him to? Is wrong that I can’t stop thinking about him. Ugh, sometime I feel like I think about you too much. Have you really changed? Have I changed? Are we diffrent know. Is it too late for second chances? Can we just start over..?

Sometimes its not about being a confused teen slut.
Sometime its about being mature, growing up, saying goodbye and moving on.

But what if I can’t help to be that teen slut for just a bit longer…

Don’t me mind just need to say something…

We’re talking again,

I guess that makes us…friends?
I don’t know how exactly this happened.
All I know is that its making me nervous.

You, make me nervous.
I don’t know what you want from me.
The signals are mixed.
I need a straight answer…
One I’m not going to get.


I hate the feeling you get when you believe everything is gonna go back to the way it was… but its not. Nothing is going to change and I can hope all I want but its just not going to happen. Moving on is hard enough to do, it doesn’t help when my mind plays tricks on me. I need to keep my mind clean of any memories of the past and just pull through.